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Who qualifies for Darancare services?

Darancare Health Corporation is a licensed Home Health Agency.  Our services are intermittent.  Patients who are home-bound and in need of Skilled Nursing and Therapy Services would be appropriate candidates for our services.  An evaluation of each case allows us to determine the need and appropriateness of our services.

Can I choose the agency I use for my care?

 As a patient you have the right to choose the agency you want to care for you. 

What is your admission process?

Upon referral from the physician, our admission nurse we will do an in-person intake evaluation, prepare a plan of care, and ask the physician to certify the plan of care. This will conclude the admission process.  The next step is to start the delivery of services.  At times, the intake evaluation and start of care may coincide.  

Can I choose my nurses or therapists?

As long as there are other options available, we will try to work with our patients in order to meet their demands. 

What are my rights?

You have many rights as a patient.  We would be happy to send you a copy of the patient's rights.

What are my Responsibilities?

As a patient you do have certain responsibilities to the agency as we do toward you.  We will be happy to send you a copy of the patient's responsibilities.

Do I have any obligation toward nurses and therapists assigned to care for me?

Our patients have no obligations toward our nurses or therapists.

What steps does your agency follow to screen the individuals assigned to care for me?

Our company follows a rigorous process to screen individuals we hire.  Our licensed disciplines would have to possess a current license without any derogatory information attached.  We check FBI, DOJ, Social Security, Driving Records, personal references, and professional references.

Is Darancare bonded and insured?

Yes, Daracare Health Corporation is bonded and insured.

Who determines my nursing and therapy needs?

Your needs are generally determined by your physician.  Your nurse may request for modification to the plan of care according to your needs.  Your physician would have to certify any changes to your care.

Do you need an order from my doctor?

Yes.  Home Health Care services are physician ordered services.

I have several different doctors.  Which doctor would need to order my Home Health needs?

Any attending physician can order home health services.  In principal, your primary doctor should order home health care services.

Can you list accepted sources of payment?

Currently, we accept Private Insurance, Worker's Compensation Insurance, and private payment.  We are in the process of Medicare Certification and soon can accept Medicare and Medicaid as a source of payment

Do you bill insurance?

Yes, we do bill insurance on our patient's behalf.

Who is responsible for my home health care costs?

The patient is generally responsible for the cost of home health care services. 

Do I need to pay a deductible?

You are responsible for any deductible or out-of-pocket cost as required by your health insurance policy.

What if I need a nurse or aide to stay with me for an extended period of time?  Can I arrange for extended care through Darancare?

Yes, Darancare can help with your extended care needs.

Who should I contact if I have an emergency?

In life-threatening situations, please call 911.  If you are under our care, please call your nurse case-manager listed in your patient information folder.

Who should I contact if I have to make a change to my scheduled visit?

You can contact our office at (805) 553-0870 or your nurse case-manager.

How soon does it usually take for me to get a response after I request for home care services?

We try to respond immediately after we receive a request.  However, a 24-hour standard time-frame may apply.

Can I ask my physician to be referred to your agency?


Do you provide a home health needs assessment?

Yes, we can provide a health needs assessment.

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